Tom is a Connector, Orchestrator, Navigator, and Strategic Thinker

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      As a Connector, I facilitate productive connections and mobilize projects and programs.

      As an Orchestrator, I...

      • Orchestrate capabilities to drive value from Provider's services.
      • Coordinate and aggregates business demand for the Business Partner.
      • Orchestrate key Service Provider roles on behalf of the Business Partner


      As a Strategic Thinker, I...

      • Possess ability to move out of my comfort zone and use new and broader boundaries for thinking, planning, performing, analyzing and evaluating and continuous improvement.
      • Am passionate about what I do and have a deep source of energy and motivation.
      • Differentiate between the ends (what) and the means (how).
      • Define and plan goals at multiple levels before recommending how to collaboratively achieve the results.
      • Am a risk taker and do not limit myself to current paradigms. I am comfortable investing and risking today’s time for tomorrow’s potential benefit.
      • Possess ability to develop a vision and then use that vision as the foundation for strategic thinking and planning.
      • Continuously keep working, connecting and communicating because I do not take success for granted.