My brand is: "Humbly Serve Others, Actively Listen, Relentlessly Learn and Add Value".


Humbly Serve Others

My personal commitment is to be the most effective servant leader I can be.


Actively Listen

Whether at work, at home, or at church, I first focus my attention on the person or team I am serving and patiently listen to him, her or the team describe their needs, pains. successes, failures, objectives, or goals.


Relentlessly Learn

After asking many questions, I confirm my understanding of the person's or the team's needs and then document their request in business terms including my assessment of their request's priority, impact, urgency, complexity, cost, and required resources.

Relentlessly learn and consistently execute the IT service delivery processes, policies, procedures, and best practices associated with our team and my specific role and responsibilities.

Continually grow my knowledge of the IT products and services currently used by my employer and its industry to measurably improve IT enabled business processes.

Continually grow my servant leadership knowledge and improve my behavior in the following areas: Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to the growth of people, and Building community.


Add Value

When appropriate, I will take immediate action to solve the person's or the team's request and document my actions / results in a manner consistent with organization's policies, standard operating procedures, or best practices.

When appropriate, I will document my understanding of the customer's problem or need in business terms, priority, impact and urgency and forward it (vision, strategy, and plan) to the appropriate team for resolution in a manner consistent with organization's policies, standard operating procedures, or best practices.

Throughout the process, I am in close communication with the person or team I am serving. We collaboratively review and I update the status of the action plan and we collaboratively deploy measurable improvements or measurable savings.